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16 Aug 2014 22:23
Maurice Sklar

The Future of the Middle East Nations in Bible Prophecy

The Holy Bible is the only “holy book" in existence that predicts the future with 100% accuracy.  The prophetic writings in the Bible are extraordinary in both their breadth and detail.  The most detailed prophecies concern the nations of the Middle East during the period known as “The Day of the Lord".  God takes time in lengthy passages of scripture to tell the judgments He will inflict on the nations that reject the nation of Israel in the very last period of time before the coming of Messiah to establish His 1000 year Kingdom on the earth.

Because there is so much confusion and contradiction in much of the teaching of Bible prophecy, I want to write a concise and brief summary of what the prophets of scripture say about the Middle East nations.  These events are rapidly approaching and could be right on our doorsteps at any moment, should the Lord decide to lift His withholding grace and allow these judgments to come immediately.

There are three wars that will soon take place in the Middle East.  Each one is progressive and becomes larger in scope, until the entire world and every nation participates in the last battle:

The first war involves the Arab nations immediately surrounding the nation of Israel.  The Bible seems to indicate that these nations will be destroyed with weapons of mass destruction.  This will involve the judgment of God against militant Islam directly surrounding Israel, which is referred to as the house of Esau in several places.  According to the Bible, the nations directly surrounding Israel will be destroyed in such a way that they are uninhabitable.  This war will result in an impassible ring of destroyed countries to the south and east of Israel.  The nations destroyed are:  Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and part of Saudi Arabia.  These areas of land will become totally impassible because of the use of nuclear weapons and/or biological and chemical weapons.  The soil of these regions becomes so poisoned that nothing can live or grow there.  The area of ancient Idumea (Edom) will be on fire like Kuwait was in the Gulf War of 1991.

The second war is described in detail in Ezekiel chapters 38-39 primarily, although there are other passages that refer to it also.  In Ezekiel chapters 36-37, he foretells the rebirth of the nation of Israel.  Then, before the Kingdom Age, when the Messiah Yeshua will reign in His magnificent temple in Jerusalem, this horrific battle is predicted in much detail.  This was written 2,600 years ago.  Ezekiel lists a confederacy of nations, which include Turkey, Iran, Libya, Ethiopia, parts of Eastern Europe, and other unnamed nations.  Something strange appears immediately when you look this list.  The prophet fails to mention the nations directly bordering Israel!  These countries are Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, “Palestine" (not really a nation), and Syria.  The reason these nations are not mentioned is that they were all destroyed in the first war.  The remaining nations invade Israel from the only possible way in this war:  from the north.  The destruction from this war is much greater in scope than the first.  The destruction of the countries of the first war may be one reason for this second battle.  Most likely, it is retaliation for it against Israel.  Ezekiel identifies Russia as the chief antagonist against Israel in this war.  Russia has a long history of hating and persecuting the Jewish people.  With the pogroms starting in 1881, untold numbers of Jews died at the hands of the Russians.  Russian Jews were the first to return to Israel in the 1880's, leaving because of this horrible persecution. 

This second war is often called the war of Gog and Magog.  Gog is a title of the leader of Russia at this time, meaning “chief prince" or “president".  The geographic region is called “the land of the north"; the land of Magog, Meshech, and Tubal.  This precisely identifies modern Russia through its' ancient tribal ancestors as well as geographically.  But, the nation of Russia is not alone in this invasion of the mountains of Israel from the north.  Ezekiel identifies the confederation of nations that will join to attack Israel, as mentioned above.  Persia is the actual Biblical name for modern day Iran.  That is the name the Bible gives as joining this attack.  The bible refers to Ethiopia as the land south of Egypt.  Today this would include the nations of the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia.  The Sudan and Somalia are both Islamic nations.  Sudan is identified as a terrorist state and hates Israel.  Ethiopia has a large Muslim population of about 30%.  Sudan and Somalia are a natural fit in current events with Russia in a confederated Muslim attack.  In the Bible, ancient Libya encompasses all the land west of Egypt.  This would include the nations of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.  ALL of these nations are Islamic.  Russia supplies Libya with weapons.  Ezekiel identified Togarmah as a country north of Israel.  This is modern-day Turkey, which is nearly 100% Muslim.  For this to happen, Turkey must line up with Russia.  Finally, the name Gomer is mentioned as taking part also.  This is not as clearly defined.  It could be Germany and/or some other nations in Eastern Europe.  Currently, the United States is preventing such a war from happening.  For this battle to happen, the United States has to be weakened or eliminated from the Middle East.  NATO has to be weakened by Turkey forming an alliance with Russia.  Very recently, with the event of the Flotilla, Turkey became extremely cold in its' diplomatic relations to Israel, and unanimously condemned Israel in its' government.  Could this be an precursor of their coming turn towards “the land of the north"? Russia becomes the dominant force in a vacuum created by the absence of America.  For this war to happen, something distastrous needs to happen in the future to the United States.  Even though the Soviet Union has collapsed, the Russian army is still large and well equipped.  This confederation led by Russia is enormous, for the army will cover the land like a cloud.  Perhaps all the remaining Islamic nations not mentioned by the prophet Ezekiel join in this attack.  According to scripture, God destroys this entire invasion miraculously.  God reacts in His wrath with a combination of natural disasters with perfect timing to destroy this army.  The Russian army invades and swarms over the mountains of Israel to the north.  God waits until they actually come into the covenant land and totally wipes them out supernaturally on those very mountains.  The whole world then witnesses the Holy God of Israel and is forced to recognize that He was the one who destroyed this army and not human effort.  A great revival takes place in Israel, as they now begin to recognize Yeshua as the true Messiah and turn to Him in great numbers.  All of this is predicted in the scriptures.

The third war involves every remaining nation on earth.  It is called Armageddon.  This is the final battle between God and evil before the coming of Yeshua the Messiah to rule and reign on the earth.  In this battle, God supernaturally intervenes and destroys the largest fielded army in history.  This battle ends man's corrupt and sinful rule over the nations.  Armageddon is the third and final attempt to destroy Israel and take Jerusalem.  Armageddon means Mount Megiddo, which is about seventy miles north of Jerusalem.  Mount Megiddo is at the southern edge of the Esdraelon Valley, also called the plain of Megiddo.  This is a huge valley that runs from southeast to the northwest, right at Mount Megiddo in Israel.  The valley is the center of the final battle.  The mountains of Israel start at the southern edge of this valley.  The taking of Jerusalem is the objective of the final war.  After the defeat of Russia and its confederation, the remaining nations converge on Israel.  God uses Jerusalem as a lure, and the people in rebellion against Him literally come by several hundred million.  All of man's rebellion against God culminates in this battle over Jerusalem.  During the previous battles, there is no indication from the scriptures that the armies overrun Jerusalem.  In this final battle, a vast army invades the Middle East from Asia.  All of Asia is at this battle, along with the other nations of the world.  The apostle John states in the book of Revelation that this army from Asia numbers two hundred million. This army will cross the dried up Euphrates river, but before it does, it spreads into other nations and kills a third of mankind that is still alive at this time.  Like the previous battle of Magog, this army meets its doom on the mountains of Israel.  The ring of fire is still around Israel, and the only way to attack is from the north.  This massive army fills the Valley of Megiddo and then reaches all the way to Jerusalem.  This army nearly destroys Israel and Jerusalem, but God stops it when it reaches Jerusalem.  The Lord Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ's) direct intervention stops this army.  This is the moment of His awesome second coming.  He personally destroys the armies gathered for Armageddon and defends His covenant land and people.  According to the prophet Zechariah, the Lord Yeshua stands in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives.  There is an enormous earthquake that splits this mountain.  He is in His full glory.  It is the presence of the Messiah Yeshua in His glory that destroys this invading army.  God's glory affects human flesh like a neutron bomb.  The nation of Israel receives and welcomes the only true Messiah Yeshua and turns to Him.  Then it goes into deep mourning with true repentance.  Israel is finally reunited with their one and only Messiah:  Yeshua - Jesus.  At this time, He begins His Messianic reign for 1,000 years of peace, joy, and perfection - heaven on earth!

This is a brief synopsis of coming wars on the earth that are centered in the Middle East as recorded in Bible prophecy.  I pray that you, dear reader, will be ready - for He is coming soon to take His bride - the overcoming church - home to be with Him in heaven.  You do not have to remain upon the earth during this terrible time of judgment - give your heart to the Lord Yeshua, repent and live for Him and not self and sin.  Yeshua will first come to meet us in the air and take us to heaven in an event that “catches away" the believers all over the earth in one, sudden, micro-second of time.  We will be gone!  Then these terrible judgments will overtake the whole earth, as recorded in the prophets and the book of Revelation. 

Beloved, there is still time, but it is running out quickly!  Make things right between you and the Lord!  This message written here is a warning from heaven.  Do not neglect your relationship with the Lord any longer!  I do not want to see you, dear reader, left behind.

Yeshua said:

“Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy TO ESCAPE ALL THESE THINGS that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man."  (Luke 21:36)

“He that testifieth these things sayeth, Surely I come quickly.  Amen.

Even so, come Lord Yeshua.

The grace of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah be with you all. Amen."

Love in our Messiah,

Maurice Sklar

P.S:  I want to acknowledge and commend John Mcternan for his prophetic study of the Middle East.  I included much information that he provided in this teaching letter (from his book “As America Has Done to Israel").  I highly recommend reading it, as I believe he is accurate about end time prophecy, and especially the destiny of America as it relates to Israel.

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